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Life and Health Insurance Underwriting
The process of underwriting life, health and disability income can be complex, intrusive and prolonged. Every carrier has an established procedure for how, and by whom, the various functions will be performed to provide sufficient information to the final decision maker as to whether a given risk will be assumed.

Often in small risks, the decision maker is simply an electronic indicator and no actual person will review the application package. However, in larger and more sophisticated cases, the process is often burdened by many requests for additional information on the proposed insured causing delays and often giving rise to questions regarding the relative division of responsibility as to who bears the duty to provide it in a timely and complete manner.

Life insurance has the unique feature of insuring a peril which is absolutely certain to occur, the death of the insured. By virtue of this feature, life underwriting is probably the single most misunderstood aspect of underwriting in the insurance industry.

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