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INSURANCE EXPERT WITNESS CASES - Agent/Broker Standards and Practices

In the Probate Court No. One; Harris County, Texas; re: pricing and rated age mechanisms in structured settlements; Victoria Burnett et al v. BFI Waste Services of Texas, LP et al., Plaintiff; Miller, Lewis & Davenport; Attorney Michael D. Miller; Houston, TX; Settled in 2007

Circuit Court for the County of Wayne; State of Michigan; re: reinstatement of life insurance policy and agent standards of practice and company standards and practices; Epstein v. Mass Mutual Financial Group and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company and McHugh and Detroit Financial Group, LLC; Plaintiff; Cox, Hodgman & Giamarco n/k/a Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton; Attorney Larry W. Bennett; Troy, MI; 2007 (Deposition) Set for Trial

District Court; 362nd Judicial District; Denton County, Texas; re: voluntary life insurance benefits, company standards and practices; Brown v. American Fidelity Assurance Company and Terrahealth, Inc.; Plaintiff; Law Offices of William L. Wolf, PC; Dallas, TX; 2007.

U.S. District Court; Southern District of Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; re: death claim and underwriting practices; Sundaralingam et al v. AXA, et al; Plaintiff; Kitrick, Lewis & Harris, Co., P.A.; Attorney Mark Lewis; Columbus, Ohio; 2006.

District Court; 61st Judicial District; Harris County, Texas; re: health insurance policy rescission; Donald Mackay et al v. Assurant Health/Fortis Insurance Company n/k/a Time Insurance et al; Plaintiff; Henry H. McCreight, Jr. Attorney at Law, P.C.; Houston, Texas 2006.

Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida; re: Agent and Company Standards and Practices; Vivianne Jamaique, individually and as Beneficiary of the Estate of Duqueres Mandat, deceased v. Primaerica Life Insurance Company et al; Plaintiff; Law Offices of John J. Spiegel, P.A.; Miami, Florida; 2006 Settled in 2006.

Circuit Court; Cook County, Illinois; re: Agent and Company Standards and Practices; Stacie Bovan v. American Family Life Insurance Company et al; Plaintiff; Law Offices of Steven Seidman; Attorney Sean Baker; Chicago, Illinois; 2006.

U.S. District Court; Western District of Pennsylvania; re: Definition of disability in disability income policy; James D. Meyer, et al v. CUNA Mutual Group; Plaintiff; Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C.; Pittsburgh, PA; 2006.

Arbitration Panel; re: Accident and health insurance benefit payments, claims practices, coverage analysis; Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company v. Associated Accident and Health Reinsurance Underwriters; Petitioner; McKnight, Kitzinger, McCarty & Pravdic, LLC; Attorney Neal McKnight; Chicago, IL; Settled in 2006.

District Court; 160th Judicial District; Dallas County, Texas; re: Corporate Owned Life Insurance; Michaels Stores, Inc. v. Alexander Hamilton Life Insurance Company, et al; Plaintiff; Haynes & Boone, LLP; Attorney Werner A. Powers; Dallas, TX; Settled in 2006.

District Court; H-160th Judicial District; Dallas County, Texas; re: Fixed Annuities, Agent standards and practices, Product suitability issues, Agents contracts; Hedges v. American Investors Life Insurance Company, Oxford Life Insurance Company et al; Defendant; Smith, Robertson, Elliott, Glen, Klein & Bell, LLP; Attorneys Lisa Magids and Lee Rigby; Austin, TX; 2006. Set for Trial

District Court; 92nd Judicial District; Hidalgo County, Texas; re: Product suitability, Fixed Annuities, Equity Indexed Annuities; Lara v. Givilancz et al; Plaintiff; Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, McAllen, TX; Attorneys Adrian Martinez and Albert Garcia; Settled in 2006.

Superior Court, San Francisco, CA; re: Health insurance plan design; Agent and Agency Standards and Practices, Defendant; Morgenstein & Jubelirer, LLP (Now Schiff Hardin) Attorney Adrienne S. Leight; San Francisco, CA 2005.

District Court of Milam County , Texas; re: Life Company Operations; Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts; Richardson v. Shenandoah Life Insurance Company et al; Cause No. 28954; Defendant; Wells, Marble & Hurst, PLLC ; Attorney Robert Walker; Jackson, MS; 2005; Settled in 2006

Health Insurance Plan Design and Underwriting; Defendant; Alverson, Taylor, Mortenson & Sanders, Las Vegas, NV; Settled in 2005.

96th District Court of Tarrant County, Texas; re: Underwriting of life insurance; Death claim; Estate of Hughs v. Great American Life Insurance Company; Defendant; Thompson & Knight; Attorney George R. Muckleroy, IV; Fort Worth, TX; Settled in 2005.

City of Amarillo, Texas; Health Insurance Plan Strategies for City Health Plan; Engaged as consultant for city self-insured health plan; Amarillo, TX; 2005.

114th Judicial District of Smith County, Texas; re: Agent Standards and Practices, Product Suitability; Broker-Dealer Practices; Plaintiff; Boyd & Brown, P.C.; Attorney Paul M. Boyd; Tyler, TX; Settled in 2005.

U.S. District Court, Middle District of North Carolina: re: Student Health Insurance underwriting practices; North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company v. James McKinley et al; Cause No. 1:03-CV-00911; Defendant; Cranfill, Sumner & Hartzog, LLP; Attorney Donna Rascoe and Alycia S. Levy; Raleigh, NC; 2005 (Deposition) Settled in 2006.

District Court, 288th Judicial District, Bexar County, Texas; re: ERISA Section 419 employee benefit plan; Defendant; Cowles & Thompson; Houston, TX; Settled in 2004.

District Court; 190th Judicial District; Harris County, Texas; re: Agent standards and practices; Defendant; Havins & Associates; Attorney Annette K. Disch; Houston, TX; Settled in 2004.

101st District Court; Dallas County, Texas: re: Disability; Plaintiff; Dallas, TX; Settled in 2004.

Tulsa County District Court; Tulsa, Oklahoma; re: Agent and company practices and standards, death claim; Plaintiff; The Stipe Law Firm; Attorney Karen Goins; Tulsa, OK; Settled in 2003.