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INSURANCE EXPERT WITNESS CASES - Agent/Broker Standards and Practices

In the Probate Court No. One; Harris County, Texas; re: pricing and rated age mechanisms in structured settlements; Victoria Burnett et al v. BFI Waste Services of Texas, LP et al., Plaintiff; Miller, Lewis & Davenport; Attorney Michael D. Miller; Houston, TX; Settled in 2007

District Court; H-160th Judicial District; Dallas County, Texas; re: Fixed Annuities, Agent standards and practices, Product suitability issues, Agents contracts; Hedges v. American Investors Life Insurance Company, Oxford Life Insurance Company et al; Defendant; Smith, Robertson, Elliott, Glen, Klein & Bell, LLP; Attorneys Lisa Magids and Lee Rigby; Austin, TX; 2006. Set for Trial

District Court; Bexar County, Texas; Present value determination for future pension benefits; Vance & Sailors; San Antonio, TX; 2006.

District Court; 92nd Judicial District; Hidalgo County, Texas; re: Product suitability, Fixed Annuities, Equity Indexed Annuities; Lara v. Givilancz et al; Plaintiff; Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, McAllen, TX; Attorneys Adrian Martinez and Albert Garcia; Settled in 2006.

Hamilton Circuit Court, Hamilton County Indiana: re: Agents Standards and Practices, life insurance and annuities; Defendant; Huffers and Weathers, LLP; Attorney Robert Walker; Indianapolis, IN; 2005; Set for Trial.

Sedgwick County , Kansas District Court; re: Company Practices; Crafton v. Signator Insurance Agency and John Hancock Life Insurance Company; Agent and Agency Contracts; Plaintiff; Foulston-Siefkin, LLP; Attorney Mark Biberstein; Wichita, KS; 2005 Settled in 2006.

114th Judicial District of Smith County, Texas; re: Agent Standards and Practices, Product Suitability; Broker-Dealer Practices; Plaintiff; Boyd & Brown, P.C.; Attorney Paul M. Boyd; Tyler, TX; Settled in 2005.